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Is the Law of Attraction Wrong?

Is the Law of Attraction Wrong?
ShareIn the modern era, the Law of Attraction can possibly be attributed to William Walker Atkinson (1862-1932). In 1906 he used the phrase in his New Thought Movement book Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World, stating that “like attracts like.” However, you may be surprised to learn that 2,500 years ago [...]

Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business
Shareby Emmet Fox One of the first rules on the spiritual path is that you must attend strictly to your own business and not interfere with that of others. Your neighbor’s life is sacred and you have no right to try to manage it for him. Let him alone. God has given him free will and self-determination, so why should you interfere? Many [...]

The Boy and The Genie

The Boy and The Genie
ShareOnce upon a time, a very long time ago, there lived in a far off land a young man. This young man was honest, hard working and sincere. We shall call him Aladdin (not the Aladdin that you are familiar with). On one particular day, returning home from a hard but honest days work, Aladdin came across a beggar sitting in the road. The begga [...]

Affirmations and Treatments

Affirmations and Treatments
Share“There is no need to be unhappy. There is no need to be sad. There is no need to be disappointed, or oppressed, or aggrieved. There is no need for illness or failure or discouragement. There is no necessity for anything but success, good health, prosperity, and an abounding interest and joy in life.” Emmet Fox   Here is [...]

What Causes Karma?

What Causes Karma?
ShareCreation originates from a completely spiritual realm. It then proceeds downward in a logarithmic spiral, becoming increasingly material in the process. Stop and consider this for a moment. Human beings actually start out perfect in a more spiritual realm (the Garden of Eden) prior to the material world and devolve. What appears to be ev [...]


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Ted Pawlikowski @Fearlessspeaker_twitter
"Just read The Method, The Money Myth, & Talks In The Key Of Life. Best explanation making the LOA work I have ever heard."

BEST, and most selfless LOA book I've ever read!
Jaime Vendera (Ohio)
Wow, I was blown away by this tiny book, which only took me about 15 minutes to read. Scott Soloff has done what no other book has done for me. It took the focus off my ego and personal material wants and put my focus back on God! His simplistic approach shows the reader that our material driven minds may be the problem wit our failures to apply the so-called LOA, and introduces the reader to a not-so-new concept, prayer, which I've been doing all my life. However, his approach to prayer (suggesting greats such as the Lord's Prayer) truly does take the focus off our desires and puts it back in God's hands, not ours, considering God is the solution.

"This is an excellent book, in my opinion. I have been a meditator for over thirty years, and have read many books on spirituality and the law of attraction. This book presents something most do not: a practical method for getting results. Most books are all about theory, but none helped me actually apply the law until I found this one. Thanks, again"

By Roy
"This is an absolute genius and simplified perspective on the LOA. Truth guided steps into releasing the power of the Almighty into any and every place in life. REAL STUFF!!!!"

Saved My Life
"This book saved my life. I was sinking into a depression that I thought I would never find my way out of when I found this gem. I have hope now. My career path has finally changed, I have more time for my children, which is what I have been praying for for years (now i know HOW to pray), my relationship with my husband is better, even my softball skills are improving! If you need help, read this book! If you are happy, read this book! If you have a pulse, read this book!"

Love it !!! Thank you,thank you, thank you!
I believe this is truth ! simple, but not easy. I will begin now and keep you posted. Thank you for the encouragement! I'm looking forward with happiness. It could really happen! yes!!




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