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  1. Sandra's Gravatar Sandra
    December 15, 2013    

    Hi Scott,
    I have read many books on the LOA and I’m not seeing any results.


    • scott's Gravatar scott
      January 19, 2014    

      Dear Sandra,

      The LOA is always working in our lives. One could say that we always have exactly what we want. I believe what you’re saying is that you’re either not getting what you desire or that your circumstances are not changing.

      Briefly, in order to dissipate the on going problems in our life and to manifest our good, it is necessary to rise in consciousness. We accomplish this by sitting quietly for at least twenty minutes twice a day. During this time we either repeat a traditional prayer or mantra.

      Best wishes,


  2. August 10, 2012    

    Hi Scott, I would rather this be private, but I respect your judgment. I believe you have a lot of knowledge and information as it pertains to spiritual matters. I do not favor the way, you speak with such certitude at times, or rather callously fling phrases about, as to what is right and what is wrong. In The Method, you guarantee things, such as abundance; in your blog, you say things could get worse before they get better. While promoting that we deserve deep success, you castigate t.v. ministers that advocate the same. I have even seen you reference not cursing, and find more curses in the start of your brief book, then virtually any other.

    I know that you believe you have something important to contribute and really want to get it out there. Maybe you could just remember that there are others who have studied as well, and may have thoughts that adjoin or depart from your’s at various points along the way. Thank you. Sincerely, Jon

    • scott's Gravatar scott
      August 10, 2012    

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Best wishes,

      p.s. Contradictions are cool, aren’t they! Only a child thinks in terms of black and white.

      Certitude and conflicting ideas are not the same as hypocrisy. TV ministers and born again types are full of shit. And, hypocritical.

      I understand perfectly that different people “adjoin or depart from your’s at various points along the way”. A very close friend of mine is kind enough to remind me that everyone is at a different stage of their journey.

      It has been brought to my attention that my cursing is offensive. It is unfortunate that some can’t get past it. Consider it a natural weeding out process.

      p.p.s. I had the opportunity to look at your blog. Very nice. I won’t apologize for being offensive but I am sorry if I offended you. You seem like a good man.

      Private comments can reach me at

  3. Ashley Dias's Gravatar Ashley Dias
    June 5, 2012    

    Thank you Scott for reminding me of my divine nature and the easiest way back.
    It’s been almost 30 years ago since I had great success with this LAW – “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else shall be added unto you…”.
    I got drawn into other learnings and 30 years later, I can say without further questioning that, this is THE METHOD that works best and is the quickest.

    To quote Hieu Doan:
    “The Higher Self or God Force does not judge whether we choose to manifest enlightenment, good health, wealth or knowledge. Why would it? It already is all that it needs to be, it exists to be part of us – if we would have it. The Higher Self exists to be all that we would have it be – all that is required is that we allow it.”

    With my best regards,

  4. Jo Ann's Gravatar Jo Ann
    January 18, 2012    

    Makes perfect sense and simple. I am starting to practice as of this morning. Thank you Scott for putting this method out there to guide me in making my life better. God Bless.

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Love it !!! Thank you,thank you, thank you!
I believe this is truth ! simple, but not easy. I will begin now and keep you posted. Thank you for the encouragement! I'm looking forward with happiness. It could really happen! yes!!




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