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What Causes Karma?

Creation originates from a completely spiritual realm. It then proceeds downward in a logarithmic spiral, becoming increasingly material in the process. Stop and consider this for a moment.

Human beings actually start out perfect in a more spiritual realm (the Garden of Eden) prior to the material world and devolve. What appears to be evolution is really humankind traveling towards the center of this spiral from a descending portion of this spiral.

This representation is the only model that embraces both creationism and evolution.

Karma results from the interplay of our awareness and the surrounding environment. The core self, the soul, dissipates and fragments. It begins, over time, to overly identify with the world.

Experiences build up, undigested or unprocessed and become an overwhelming burden. As a matter of fact, these unprocessed experiences result in the subconscious mind, a filter through which we perceive the world.

The subconscious mind is a construct consisting of unprocessed material. The subconscious mind is not real. It does however, provide the filters through which we view the world and experience our lives.

This is the foundation of our Karma.

And, of course, there is both individual Karma and a collective Karma.

Human society functions as a collective. Together we relate to the world from a hive, herd, pack or tribal structure. This is how we relate to the world and it is hard wired.

We travel from lifetime to lifetime together, in groups. As a result, not only do we acquire individual Karma, we also create group Karma.

Excerpted from the upcoming book Why We Suffer (available on Amazon tomorrow).

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  1. March 3, 2012    

    I have been reading a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks and one of the tignhs they talk about is handing your requests over to the universe, not needing to take any action, simply believing it will happen. This I find hard to do as we all believe we should be doing something!! Good luck with your journey

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Love it !!! Thank you,thank you, thank you!
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